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Priest: Shabahol moryo kolkhon ameih

Cong: Nafhatul 'otril azbi 'an arwahi mawtana
Narjoo menka ya rabbi 'anhom ridwana
Bilkobzil hayyee iqtatu wajtazu dunya shaqa
lilmajdel atee batoo fee mathwa raja

Cong: Ma ashha mawtal abrar asraroun ma aghnaha
Amalon ma aghlaha ghafwon fil anwar
Ma lam tobserhou 'aynon ma lam tasma'hou oznon
Ma lam yodrikhou zhihnon yo'ta lil-abrar

Cong: In ja'a ilhayou rrabou nada bilmawta hobbo Men jawfel ardee qamoo lilhokmee qamoo Man fil berree qad laha ghanna shokra wartaha Fee ghamril anwaril hay nouran feehe hay

Cong: Ishakou laffa Abram mabkiyyan bilakfanee Wal baathou sirron zalam milhal azhani Moussa
Kad hazzathou annar wa llahou minha nadah:
Assidikounal abrar yahyawna lillah.

Cong: Sloto shoro tihweh lan dambarakhto wa barikhmor

Priest: Folkon banat feel bo'de Cong. yaghneeha kanzol wa'de Yahdouha mawjol yammee walkanzo yanmee Antil folko ya Maryam Yassouhl kanzol a'zam Menho ashbati'l ma'mor hayatan wa noor

Cong: Ya Abrarou fil kadah Alhoukkama adhashtoum
Zallaltoum rokna azzalmaa wal sharra doustum
Ghadartom koura taazib kalibrizee fil nakaa ghannat
Zikrakoum tatweeb ardon wa samaa.

Cong: Nyohé laanidé mhaymné wlokh mora shobho barkhmor
Priest: Nohyee zikral anbeyaaa Cong.: warrously assedeqeen
Wal-abtalee shouhadaa fakhri zafareen
Ozkor ya rabbo ilbe'a wal azra-al wadee'a
Walmawta belqedesseen ijma'hom ameen.

Cong: Ya ibna llahee baynal abraree milhal anwaree
Irham wakbal Abna'aka toulal adhar.

Cong: Ya man tohyee maytan warahou touraboo
Iqbal menna hazee sala 'amman ghaboo

Cong: Ya man zhakal mawtal qasee kal insanee
Ab'ed 'anna morral kassee lmawta thanee

Cong: 'azzem warfa' zikral 'azhraa walqeddeseen
jod warhamna tayyeb zikra lmawta ameen.

Priest: Arrahati dahema Ahteehee Ya Rab

Cong: Wa Nourakal Abadee Fal Yodih Lahou

Priest: Faltastarih Nafsouhou Bissalam.

Cong: Be rahmatil lah wassalam. Ameen.

Priest: Assalamou Lijameeheekoum.

Cong: Wa maha rouhika.

Priest: Ya Yassouh Arrahoum (3)

Cong: Irhamhou/ha (3)

Priest: Fal Nousallee Al Abana Wassalam lee rahat nafsee man intakala min bayneena

Rite of Incense (English)

1. On these clouds of fragrant smoke, and the scent of sweet perfume. O Lord, grant remembrance to the faithful who died. All those who with fervent faith fed upon your holy flesh and drank of your sacred blood, then died in your hope.

2. Faithfully the just have died resurrection is their hope; awaiting the Lord to come and give them their due. Nothing any eye has seen, nothing human ear has heard, nor what any mind has thought, the just shall receive.

3. Isaac buried Abraham as he grieved and mourned for him, since life after death was hid, unknown to mankind. But to Moses God appeared, speaking with him to reveal the just and the righteous are alive with their God.

4. Let us hear the Son who speaks at the time the dead will hear the life-giving voice of God and rise incorrupt. For those who accomplished resurrection and new life; but those who accomplished will stand to be judged.

5. A new vessel has been seen laden with a great reward traversing a stormy sea enriched by its store. Mary is the vessel's, Christ within her, the reward, who travels throughout the world to give morals life.

6. We commemorate the saints who proclaimed the truth on earth, and martyrs who won the prize, receiving the crown. We commemorate the Church and God's mother, Mary blest, and all those who left this world awaiting your hope.

7. O you saints when brought to court, you confounded magistrates and made Satan run for fear; you conquered deceit. Like gold tested in the fire, you emerged from your distress; triumphant your memory in heaven and earth.

Bo'outo St. James

Son of God, grant rest to your servant among your saints and righteous ones in the heavenly kingdom that has no end.

O Son, who by His word raises the dead from their graves, heed our supplication and bestow your pardon upon your servant who has departed from our midst.

O Christ, who prayed that the cup of death be kept away from him, keep this same cup away from us and be compassionate to us.

O Lord, exult the memory of Your Mother and of Your Saints through their prayers grant pardon to us and to our departed.