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Job Well Done. Love The Website And I Am Very Proud of You all.
Jacques L Hanna
Orlando, Florida,

Great Website!! Youth Group Is So Much Fun, And As I Look At These
Pictures On The Site I Think Of How Many Good Times The Children And The Youth Group Members Have Had Throughout The Years You Have Been Here.
Thanks Abouna For Making This All Possible!
Michelle Haifa

Tres jolie guestbook. I went with the group from Leamington to europe last may and it was a wonderful trip now I love to pray more than before and I still talking about the visit to St. Lourde St. Therese St. Rita ST Anthony St. Francis of assisi knowing all these saint's life stories made me live with the grace of God every minute of my life and my dream came true "it cost nothing to buy a dream, and it is the best investment you can make". gracedr
Windsor. Ontario

I look forward to visiting your beautiful parish and The Shrine of Our
Lady.May God bless you and keep you safe.

Vincent Farhat
West Palm Beach

Congratulations. Job well done and definetely proud to be Lebanese.

Bakhos Hanna
London, Ontario

I love saint Antonios,he always prays for me and helps me..
I visited Deir Qozhaya 4 years ago, there I felt my self like in heaven..this great holiness..I got from it Hymns cassette for Agapee,everytime I hear it, I remember this monastery and be very glad..I got from Qozhaya a paper is called "the book of prayers of St.Antonios"..every time I'm in great stress and trouble or problem I pray this prayer and every stress then be solved..it is miraculous..

If anybody would like to share my experience of this book, please email me and I'm ready to share this..

Be with me Mar Antonios forever...thank you..Nawar

Nawar Sayeg
Columbus Ohio.

There is nothing more I would like to add or say other than saying : I Love You..

Ana betmanna ydal Rabna 3atine el ouwe wel imein wel saber la anno ma fi a7la min el imein.. w ana be3badak min albe ya Mar Mtanios Eshaya. Please ma tetrekne

Perla Salameh
Beirut, Ashrafieh

It is nice to visit your web site, in addition to this I would likem to get in contact with you or just the parish priest.

All for Christ!
Seminarist. Hilary.

Very nice web site.
Thank you.
Susan Yazbeck Laycock syazlay@yahoo.ca
Wallaceburg, Ontario

I recommand myself to your prayers,being sick,and for having great confidence in Saint Charbel

Deacon F.R.Fournier francoisfournier@hotmail.com
Marieville, Quebec

Happy Easter and Wishing you the best for 2003.

Congratulations on such an informative website.
Jennifer Thomas-Hage <jhthomas@lawyer.com>
Leamington, Ontario Canada -

ann michael <annmic1020@aol.com>
shelburne , vermont usa -

Informative site.

I am a relative of Msgr Joseph Tash of St Thomas Church Amarillo, Texas.
Please visit our website, www.blouza.com 14 January 2003
Anton Eltakchi <ltache@bigpond.com.au>
Sydney, Australia

The church has a very nice atmosphere.
Janea Obeid <Blondie2>
Leamington Ontario, -

bushlyn cabral <bushlyncabral@hotmail.com>
kuwait city, kuwait

I enjoyed reading about your church,and all the good thinks being done at st. anthony]s
tony lamberti <n/a>
east haven, conn.06512 usa -

Wonderful. God bless your parish.
Anthony Brach <anthonybrach@yahoo.com>
Melrose, MA USA -

Saint Rafca is my maternal grandfather's cousin. Giddee has been gone for 45 years and I have few memories of him-all of course are very loving. I would like to find out more about "my Saint".
Sue Peters <suep2002@msn.com>
Norcross, GA USA

A great advancement for the Lebanese community. We are flourishing day by day and it is wonderful to see how many people contribute to the Church and show their compassion. Father Elie has done a wonderful job bringing the Lebanese community together through mass and prayer.We really appreciate him and his work. Thanks so much for everything!!

Theresa Boutros
Theresa Boutros <tbboutros@hotmail.com>
Leamington, Ont Canada -

Hello there!!!
Carole El Hage <carole_hk@hotmail.com>

Good work.
mike Boutros <boutros14@hotmail.com>
leamington, ont canada - Thursday, July 26, 2001 at 21:10:07 (CDT)